About irenic

At irenic, we help leaders build trust and successful teams.

We are focused on the people needs of organizations, and we believe that better teams paired with exceptional leaders can work together to achieve fantastic results.

We can help you build an intentional culture through leadership development, talent acquisition, team development, and workforce skill building. Schedule a call today and find out how we help you grow your business.

About the Founder

Owner & Founder, Laila Kahkeshani has more than 15 years of experience in human resources, talent development, and organizational development. She earned her master’s degree in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Learning.

Laila has been described as "not your traditional HR Person" and gained her experience by collaborating and learning with those she has supports. She believes strongly in helping others grow, and that when faced with a tough situation there’s always more than one choice.


What does irenic mean?

adj. (i -ren-ic, ahy—ren-ik)

tending to peace or reconciliation